Take Your Med Spa Business
Past the $100,000 Mark
Without Working Yourself
To Exhaustion

Discover foundational business techniques to achieve financial
success beyond billable hours to create a healthy work-life balance
and overall equilibrium while growing beyond the $100k mark.

  • Get past the
    profitability ceiling
    of billable hours.
  • Learn quick ways Increase
    earning potential by adding
    and removing from your menu.
  • Learn how to scale via
    team growth and a
    healthy company culture.
  • Get Lana’s proven systems that
    have created & maintained high
    6-figure spa businesses.

Who is Lana?

Lana Ivanov is a Confidence,
Mindset and Aesthetic Business
Consultant helping spa owners achieve
unparalleled heights in their field.

Her passion in life has always been women’s
empowerment and personal development, but she
takes it to a new level with her business coaching.
Lana’s coaching program was specifically engineered
by Lana herself for high-achieving spa owners who
seek extraordinary results.

Lana’s Background

Lana Ivanov is a successful expert in the
aesthetics industry and is the CEO and owner
of Advanced Aesthetics Medi Spa in West
Springfield, Massachusetts.

Lana grew Advanced Aesthetics Medi Spa into
a highly profitable and exclusive spa, with
highly sought after services from clients from
all around the world.

Lana is a Registered Nurse, Medical Aesthetician, and Microblading artist.

As a business owner, Lana is constantly seeking to improve the lives of women. Her most recent
business venture is an exclusive, medical grade skin care line that blends beauty and science together
called Vonavi Pro.

Lana created Vonavi Skincare to offer luxurious, evidence-based, highly active skincare solutions with
potent ingredients. Her popular skincare line is already a success and used by people worldwide.

In addition to running Vonavi and her spa, Lana continues to exercise her love of skincare by
innovating, teaching and developing skincare solutions to make the power of beautiful and healthy
skin accessible to all.

Not Enough Clients, Cash, or Confidence in Your Beauty Biz?
You Need Aesthetic Business Coaching with Lana !


Trying to fill your books but don't know how? Learn how to attract more Ideal Clients who aren't just looking for a deal, but looking for longterm skincare results, and relationships that keep them coming back to you!

Do you feel guilty and insecure about product sales?


"What if they ask questions I don't know the answer to? l'd better not mention the product."


"They will probably just sav no anyway, I don't think it's worth the rejection.


"It Will be weird if I bring the product up! They haven't even asked me about it


"We've had such a nice visit and I would hate to, ruin the mood by being too bold.

You need the Sell Your Products coaching with Lana so that you can learn the techniques I learned that led me to be a top-tier sales person SO THAT YOU can apply those techniques in your spa and absolutely kill it financially and results-wise! You owe it to your clients to learn how to Sell Your Products so they can have the resources they need to get the skin of their dreams, instead of heading over to Ulta, Walgreens, or Amazon to buy their skincare.

Not sure what facials and treatments to offer, always comparing yourself to other aestheticians, how they feel so confident and do advanced facials and are very successful?

The aesthetic industry continues to evolve and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and strategies, I’ve developed unique customized techniques that gives an outstanding long term results and now you can implement those techniques in your treatment room and feel confident and experience rewarding feeling when you see your clients smile when they say wow my skin looks amazing.

It’s TIME TO START giving results and increasing revenue

Not sure what skin care line to use in your spa? You want to make sure it’s clean, botanical, potent ingredients and actually works?

With 12 years of business experience in healthcare, spa, and aesthetic practice consulting, I have honored my expertise as both an Operator as well as a Consultant and I put my knowledge to the test and developed clinical botanical skin care line Vonavi Pro, now we supply spas worldwide that provides outstanding results for all skin types, and now your spa can have a full range of retail products as well as back bar treatments products that gives you multiple options provide outstanding facials.

Are you an esthetician or esthetician student who is looking for support, guidance, and community in the spa industry?

Are you feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed or like you’re just winging it as a spa professional? Maybe you’re just starting out and looking for extra resources to help you make the most of this career.

You’ve invested SO MUCH into becoming an esthetician and we want to walk with you and help you get as much as possible from this industry! Besides, there’s a LOT you don’t learn in esthetics school, and that’s why you need to become a Aesthetic Expert in spa industry!

Sign up NOW to take your spa and beauty career to the NEXT LEVEL.

What my clients are saying

Jane Cooper

I am speechless..I don't know where to begin..I met Lana through divine intervention. I am a Woman of Faith. I was in the middle of starting my own business and here comes Lana... This Woman knows her stuff..She is a very humble woman with many years of experience..She did a complimentary coaching session with me and patiently answered my questions. This weekend I had a pleasure of meeting her in person where I took an advance skin care..Her models skin were flawless and needless to say, Lanas skin is flawless...If you want to look and feel like a Goddess and have your clients feel the same, well look no more...i even had a chance to get a facial from Lana and OMG..Lana is definitely good ground to invest with..I promise you, the Return of your investment will be hands down the Best..Thank you Lana and I look forward to many more...

Dr. Tracey

I went in for eyebrows and left with so much more

I met Lana when I went in for a microblading appointment. As she worked, we chatted about our businesses, and when I went in for my touch up 2 weeks later I decided to train with her to carry her skincare line.

Lana is the best kind of mentor: she is experienced, knowledgeable, successful, and generous with her time. She has been so supportive of me on my journey, and her skincare products are phenomenal! I’m proud to carry products that were formulated with such care, and that are so effective.

As a holistic health practitioner, I’m very concerned about the safety of the products I carry, but not all natural products actually work. Vonavi Pro products contain natural, clinically effective ingredients, so I feel confident recommending them to my patients.

Lana trained me on how to use all of the products in her line, so I know which products to use and recommend to which clients. She answers any questions that i have, and my clients love the products as much as I do!! Anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Lana and her products should jump at the chance! Your clients will thank you!

Dr. Tracey Steady Hardcastle, Licensed Acupuncturist Specializing in Cosmetic Acupuncture

Lakeville CT, and Pittsfield, MA

Elise Hamilton

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Lana. I used to struggle with my business right from the start. I opened my business and the clients didn't come, same day cancellations and of course there would be "no shows" as well! I felt alone with my problem and was embarrassed to tell other people about it. It was an awful time. While searching the Internet for help I had the fortune of finding Lana! I am so glad I found her because working with her I found my confidence. It was like an "Ah-ha" Moment. Suddenly I'm getting booked solid for 2 to 3 weeks. I now have a policy set up to protect myself from same day cancellations. I frequently run specials through all my social media. In fact, in retail alone, my profit in sales have picked up to more or less $700 a week. Also being a client of Lana's, her services have really boosted my confidence on getting my face out there and working to save my business. Lana truly is an inspiration.

What does Coaching with Lana look like?

Lana’s coaching centers around expanding business. Each business is assessed by Lana to determine strengths and
weaknesses. Lana then implements her bespoke coaching methods to address specific concerns of each individual business.
Lana’s coaching is custom tailored to each client and business to ensure maximal results.

Coaching Outline

Lana’s VIP coaching program will work with spa owners to
map out what they want their business to be. Whatever your
career trajectory is, Lana can help you achieve it.

Lana establishes relationships with her clients to help them
build confidence and a profitable mindset. Spa owners can
be plagued by doubt and fear, which undermines success.
Lana helps women break free from this mindset by fostering
confidence, the antidote to fear. Once this foundational
groundwork is laid, prosperity is within sight.

Schedule My Free Strategy
Session With Lana

Women in business struggle from unique concerns. Spa owners
in particular have experienced great stress from the instability
caused by the pandemic.

The world may see a female entrepreneur spa owner, but they
often fail to see the doubt, debt and stress involved in business

Not only is this fear and self-doubt psychologically crippling,
but it can wreak havoc on a business’s ability to thrive.

Lana’s coaching program was specifically
engineered to expose and conquer these issues
and create high-achieving spa owners who seek
extraordinary results.

Schedule My Free Strategy Session With Lana

Become a Celebrity Aesthetician and Rise to Excellence

  • Meet Lana - Includes an in-person workshop with the best celebrity RN/aesthetician and skincare expert where you'll learn her secret facials techniques, protocols that she’ve developed and hands-on technology training at her location so you can excel at your business, raise your prices and provide exceptional service with the best outcomes for your  clients to dominate your area. 
  • 2 day in-person clinical training with Lana
  • Learn the advanced invasive and non-invasive facials, chemical peels, face lifts, neck lifts, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, hyperpigmentation, acne and rosacea treatment protocols.
  • Learn the protocols for how to provide advanced facial techniques by using Vonavi Pro with multiple technologies to create customized invasive and non-invasive treatments that provide incredible long lasting results.
  • Treatment protocols included: Dermothecnology, Dermasound Ultra, Venus Viva, Venus Versa, Venus Photo Facial, Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, Skin Resurfacing Micro-needling RF, Microcurrent silver mask/gloves, and BellaNova Infusion
  • Includes a full package of Vonavi Pro products. Every full size product and the back bar treatments of Advanced Formulation (value $2000)
  • Access to private Facebook Group for monthly seminar access.
  • Get interviewed on Lana's TV show and get featured on the most popular platforms like Success & Motivation TV, Youtube, Apple TV and Roku TV (included in package)


payment plans available

most popular

Advanced Aesthetic Business

  • Includes everything from the previous package.
  • 3-Month Access to the Online Invent Your Future course©
  • 3-Months Online Coaching
  • 2-hour discovery meeting
  • 2x Monthly, One-on-One, 60 Minute Video Calls with Lana
  • 3 Months of business training, business mindset, accountability assignments, & customized tools
  • Work One-on-One with Lana to develop your aesthetic business acuity and action plan in a collaborative and accountable environment
  • Program covers six core areas of aesthetic business training: leadership, performance metrics, team building, client service excellence, operations, and marketing
  • Get interviewed on Lana's TV show & podcast and get featured on the most popular platforms like Success & Motivation TV, Youtube, Apple TV and Roku TV (not included but optional +$250)

Most popular option! Excellent choice for those wanting more accountability for action items and a more personalized approach to their business by an industry expert



payment plans available


Turn your passion into Successful Business

  • Includes everything from the previous packages.
  • 6 Month access to the online Invent Your Future©
  • 6 Months coaching
  • 2 hours discovery meeting
  • By weekly 1:1 consulting calls
  • 6 Month individualized Consulting Program that includes business training, accountability assignments, and customized tools
  • Work One-on-One with Lana over video conferencing or in-person choice available to develop your aesthetic business acuity and action plan in a highly collaborative and accountable environment
  • Program covers six core areas of aesthetic business training: leadership, performance metrics, team building, client service excellence, operations, and marketing
  • Powerful Client Loyalty Tools
  • Advanced Aesthetics Services Training
  • Business Mindset & Confidence Building
  • Strong team culture Development
  • All options presented for all aesthetic services
  • Get interviewed on Lana's TV show and get featured on the most popular platforms like Success & Motivation TV, Youtube, Apple TV and Roku TV (included in package)

Highly personalized, collaborative approach

The ALL-IN program combines the expert teachings of the Advanced Aesthetic Consulting Program with a higher degree of individualized accountability and hands-on, in-person consulting.



payment plans available