Transform Your
Self-Image and Confidence
Until You Fall in Love With Who
You See in the Mirror

I Help Corporate & Entrepreneur Women Feel Beautiful and Powerful
by transforming their mindset, confidence & self-image through a science
based coaching approach to create a positive and powerful life.

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An extraordinary life starts with self care, and confidence. I will provide you with insights and inspiration into who you are and what trips you up.

I’ll teach you practical & simple actions you can put into place within 60 minutes to positively impact your body, mind and life.

I’ll show you how to manage your thought life so that you feel incredible daily and attract positivity into your life while preserving your own energy.

Are you a Women in the Corporate or Business World that Experiences any of the Following?

  • You find yourself stuck in the loop
    of negative self-talk?
  • Sure, you’re successful and on the outside
    no one would know, but on the inside, you feel old
    or insecure when it comes to your self-image?
  • You do not like what you see in the mirror
  • Feeling the same every day, unmotivated, or afraid
    of change?
  • Holding yourself back at work? Watching
    others pass you by with promotions?
  • Feel like a pushover or do things you don't want to
    do because you are going along with other people?

You are not alone. 1000’s of women feel similar
EVERY SINGLE DAY, but you don’t have to.

Hello, I’m Lana and
I believe that all women
are truly magnificent.

Women are the backbone of humanity, yet they often
succumb to insecurities, doubts and overall pressure.

In my own experience, I have fought to become
empowered. First, as a woman, I had to reform my
thinking to defeat my insecurities. Then, as a business
owner, I struggled to find balance and success.

What I learned through my hardship is that I could have
been great all along – I just needed someone to awaken
the strong, powerful woman I am. She was there all
along, waiting to thrive.

  • Do you believe that you are a strong, powerful woman?
  • Do you believe you are capable of unimaginable success?
  • Do you feel worthy of the life of your dreams?

Most women I encounter don’t believe in success for themselves.
Pulled in different directions, these women live life on autopilot.

I had to transform my thinking to transform my life.

I revolutionized my life to rise from an impoverished immigrant in an abusive marriage, to an aesthetician, business owner, model, coach and soon-to-be author.

This journey was not an easy one. I had to do it all on my own.

If someone had been with me, guiding and coaching me, I would have revolutionized my life sooner.

I am here to help you break that cycle, to help you discover yourself and become the woman you are.

I coach women to help them develop themselves, to build confidence and self-esteem.

My approach is unique because I have lived through self-sabotage, failure and poor self-esteem myself.

My principle is simple: invest in yourself first and foremost. The payoff is the lifestyle of your dreams.

Are you ready to start
living the life you’ve
always wanted?

Let’s change your reality
by uncovering your strength,
independence and confidence.

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Who is Lana?

Lana Ivanov is a Confidence, Mindset and Business Coach. Her passion in life has
always been women’s empowerment and personal development.

A Woman Who Has 
Known and Conquered 
Deep Struggles

Lana’s supreme efficacy as a confidence coach
stems from her own adversity. Lana emigrated
from Kazakhstan in 1999. For years, Lana struggled
to cope in America, with few financial resources,
the inability to speak English, and being trapped in
an abusive relationship.

This is My Story

I started attending college after working in different factories for over 5 years. Every time I would go to the office from the factory floor to pick up my paycheck, I found myself feeling jealous of the women that had the office jobs, and I started dreaming of one day having a good, clean job where I could wear a business suit and work in a nice corporate office doing more meaningful and important things. I was convinced that that was the American Dream and I thought that if I could attain that fancy corporate job, I’d be happy and all set.

After taking night classes while raising 3 children, I finally graduated with my first business degree. Shortly after, I landed my first big corporate job working at MassMutual. At first I was so happy and it felt truly amazing. I had my own office, a coffee on my table and I was finally working on doing what seemed to be truly important tasks.

The first year went by so fast and I was getting more and more comfortable with my team and the position. After my first performance review I got a 25 cent raise which came with 5 times more responsibilities. I accepted it and thought to myself, “that's ok, if I continue to work even harder, I will move myself up in the company and become more successful.” In reality, the further I got the more stress, gossip, & backstabbing I received from my coworkers that I considered to be my friends. I started to feel that the only good thing I looked forward to in the office was my lunch hour because that’s when I felt the happiest during the day.

After 4 years of working in the corporate world, I began to meet women after women who I found were also feeling depressed, unhappy, and bitter. One of them, my co-worker, gave me a piece of advice - “look into counseling and antidepressants.” I took her advice and the next thing I knew, I was attending counseling sessions provided by my job and taking antidepressant medication. Instead of helping, my issues began to spill over into my family life, kids and my friends outside of work via negative behaviors. I found myself uncontrollably becoming very snappy, angry, judging myself and others, and feeling miserable and old. After a couple of years of going through this, I started to question everything - is this really the American dream? Having a high paying job, having everything I need, but being absolutely miserable and feeling like I’m losing control?

At this point I was completely burned out, hated my job, was taking counseling sessions, was on antidepressants, and started to turn into someone that I absolutely hated. I was judging my co-workers, but had become just like them - the exact same person I was judging. I hated what I saw in the mirror and I felt completely stuck. The antidepressants weren’t working, and every few months my doctor kept switching them out for different ones but nothing helped.

This all started to finally change when I started to fully understand myself. Who I am, what my core values are, what I actually want to do with my life, and what I want from life. I started thinking and understanding that I needed to make immediate changes to turn my life around for the best because I was so burned out and was left feeling alone with unmanageable stress levels. As bad as that was, it became even worse from the fact that I was afraid to show my feelings and share my real experience with my family, friends and co-workers. On the outside, I looked like a very successful woman who had a great job, was making great money and had it all put together. In reality, I was burned out , completely unhappy, struggling with low confidence, low self esteem, and felt old and depressed.

I’m being vulnerable and telling you my story so that you know that I understand how you feel and so that I can assure you that you are not alone. I wish I had someone there for me during those difficult times to help me navigate my reality and make the needed changes to turn my mindset around so I didn’t have to waste so much precious time.

I tried it all. I tried seeing therapists but all I got from them was more and more pills that didn't do anything for me. I thought it was depression I was suffering from, but it actually wasn’t. I was simply not where I was supposed to be, chasing the wrong things and not in the correct mindset.

I know countless women in corporate and in business that feel the same exact way as you. This feeling of being stuck, alone, and burned out doesn't have to be your reality anymore. My journey out of that place has turned me into a completely unrecognizable person. Now it's my biggest passion to help others that find themselves in the same exact place.

I’m ready to help you pull yourself out from this domino effect of negativity and show you that you can live a meaningful life where everyday is pure enjoyment. It’s time to allow yourself to be happy again, but the choice is yours!

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A Successful Entrepreneur

Lana Ivanov is a successful expert in the aesthetics industry and is the CEO and owner of Advanced Aesthetics Media Spa in West Springfield, MA. She has grown her company into a highly profitable and exclusive spa, with highly sought after services from clients from all around the world.

A Published Author

Lana co-authored a book titled “Corporate Dropouts''. It’s about women entrepreneurs who used to work for corporations, but decided to take a huge risk and quit their jobs to open their own businesses. This is a collection of wild stories of successful women entrepreneurs and the difficult but rewarding journeys they embarked on to follow the call of their dreams and passions.

Mindset & Business Coach

Lana has always sought to transform women in deeper ways to address the roots of insecurities, doubts and fears. Through her coaching, Lana is able to completely revitalize the lives of women around her in corporate and in business. Lana’s coaching programs are specifically engineered by Lana herself for women who seek extraordinary results.

What does Coaching with Lana look like?

Every woman is unique, with different ambitions and goals. Lana’s approach to coaching is one-on-one, personal and effective. She tailors her approach to meet the varying needs of each woman, providing a truly bespoke experience that women cannot find anywhere else.

Lana’s methodology addresses a woman’s emotional state, goals, communication, habits and plans. Lana’s ultimate objective is helping women find their “why” in life, or their fundamental purpose and passion that inspires and motivates them. It is this “why” that will fuel ambition and drive women to persevere in their goals, achieving greatness and success in their personal and professional lives.

Building an extraordinary life is not a simple or immediate task. Greatness requires discipline, focus,
determination and risk taking. To persevere in their transformation, women must be accountable to themselves
first and foremost. Coaching sessions with Lana are equally loving and tough, as she stresses personal
accountability, self-care and self-reliance.

Week 1

Getting Started

As we start outlining what it is that we want for ourselves and those closest to us – what we want from our professional lives and the contributions we want to make to the wider world – we start with figuring out where we are today. This gives us a baseline to measure our future growth against. We’ll use a simple tool called a Growth Wheel as we reflect on the different aspects of our life.

+ 60 Minute Strategy Call

Week 2

It’s All About Beliefs

Every action we take, every behavior that the world gets to see from us, is a reflection of the belief (or beliefs) behind it. If we want to change the way we behave in certain situations, then we need to look beyond the action or behavior, and get a good understanding of the beliefs that lie beneath. Our beliefs are what we want to change, if we want to change our behaviors and actions.

+ 60 Minute Strategy Call

Week 3

The Liberators: Habits,
Attitudes and Comfort Zones

Habits are terrific labor-saving devices, and our brains love them. When we can rely on our habits, we get into a state of flow. Our work, our days, interactions with others, happen without much conscious thought. It’s mindless efficiency. However, habits can get us stuck in ruts, where we always do what we’ve always done. Our results don’t change, and we get trapped.  Opening up our minds to new ideas and new ways to do things moves us to a level of mindful efficiency and allows us to grow.

+ 60 Minute Strategy Call

Week 4


Our beliefs, habits, attitudes and comfort zones affect us at the very foundation of something we do 50,000 to 70,000 times a day – make decisions. Some of those decisions are big and some are so small (and habitual) that we don’t realize we are even making them. However, there is an actual process that we go through, each time we make a decision. Once we understand it, we can learn how to make new decisions that better create the future we want.

+ 60 Minute Strategy Call

Week 5

Words, Pictures and Emotions

We say and do so much without consciously thinking about it, falling back on old habits of thought, that we reinforce negative pictures. We want to be mindful of what we say to ourselves, and the words we use, because they can undermine our self-image and our belief in what we think we can do. Our self-talk is so powerful that it affects nearly everything we do. Learn the four levels of self-talk and the formula to bolster new neural pathways to conquer your inner dialogue.

+ 60 Minute Strategy Call

Week 6

Preparing the Targets

Nearly everything we do today has been influenced by all the things that have happened in our past. So the question becomes, how do we forge a new path for the future we want? We want to start asking ourselves, where do we want to go? What do we want to change, and why? Can we take all that we have learned and use it to take control of our lives, instead of allowing what we’ve always done to rule our future? The answer is, YES and this week conquers it.

+ 60 Minute Strategy Call

Week 7

Where the Rubber
Meets the Road

When it comes to any change process, the one thing we want to remember is that it’s all about the replacement picture. In the previous weeks, we’ve learned that we’ve been operating on what we learned and experienced in the past. In order to change the path to our future, to realize the goals we want to achieve, we need to change the pictures caused by our beliefs that we are holding today. Learn the method to create & install our replacement pictures, so they become dominant in our minds. 

+ 60 Minute Strategy Call

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Nataliya Yanina

“What can I say about working with Lana Ivanov in a clearing session other than “WOW!”
“MINDBLOWING!” I was totally transformed when Lana helped, assisted and guided me to a core root block that held me back from reaching and shining my True Light. Her ability to sift my negative mindset through the layers of what was no longer serving me or my Highest and Best through her questions and intuition was astounding. She has this innate ability to see deep into the center of a person's Being and bring about the ideas of changes that are necessary to live life Fully and Whole.”

Mary Young

I’m constantly afraid of not being good enough and I’m always questioning myself. Sometimes I feel like I’m delusional and in over my head, or that I am not worthy of success, wealth or love, just like Lana said on outside I am successful woman, but I was so negative and toxic to my self and others, and I always have to pretend to my family and friends that I am good and happy, but on inside I was afraid to admit even to myself that I need it help, until I found Lanas mindset coaching program “Invent Your Future”, at first I was afraid to try but after reading and talking to Lana on the phone I've decided to take that chance and make changes in my life and it was the best decision I've made in a long time. Now I understand how to manage my stress level and realize immediately when I start self negative talk, my husband even noticed that I look happy and beautiful and want to spent more time with me, I truly recommend this program to every woman. “

Sheila Aslin

Working with Lana has completely changed my life. She is incredible and I could relate my corporate experience to her own experience very much. I felt like she knew exactly what I was going through. Now Each day I remind myself to stop the frantic search for happiness. I start by doing what it takes to stay healthy, move away from meaningless work, and ask “why” more often. I visualize something better for myself. I participate in projects that stimulate my curiosity and creativity, and make sure my heart’s always in it. I value and protect my own personal well being, I constantly remind myself to stop negative self-talk and I rest, show up, work through the boredom, and embrace the daily practice. “

As women, we all struggle with fear: fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear that we are not good enough…

Fear paralyzes women, trapping them in a cycle of self-doubt and robbing women of confidence.

What if your fear is a choice?

What if you can unlearn all the toxic and negative things you have been told about yourself and the world?

Who would you be without your doubts, fears, judgments and insecurities anchoring you?

Who were you before the world told you that you were not good enough?

Through her coaching, Lana helps women break free from this mindset by fostering confidence, the antidote to fear.

Lana Ivanov’s confidence coaching targets those questions to resurrect that powerful,
confident and ambitious woman you have always been capable of being.

Your Journey to Becoming A Confident Woman Starts Today

A confident woman is very powerful.

She is unbothered by the fear, anger and judgment of others.

She has the confidence to live with authenticity through self-discovery, self-care, and does not fear change.

A confident woman is fulfilled by her own actions and thoughts and does not seek external validation from anyone else.

A confident woman is unstoppable – she makes goals and achieves them, then sets greater and more ambitious goals.

A confident woman makes her dreams her reality. An extraordinary life is borne out of confidence.

Are you ready to
become fearless?

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